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The Future Of Frequency Medicine Is Here

Imagine a BioHack that Aligned and optimized 10,000,000 Essential Operating Frequencies for your body.

Imagine ALL of your Organ Functions, Chakras, Hormones, Physiological, Emotional, Mental, Energetic & Biological Systems aligning and preforming at their highest level.

Imagine ANY And ALL of Your Frequencies Optimally Aligned.

Imagine having More energy, More focus AND More patience.

Imagine your Red & White Blood Cells exchanging properly.

Imagine Focused thoughts at work and at home.

Imagine no longer being IN PAIN.

Imagine... sleeping... better...



The Future Is Here

Nikola Tesla; If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration; electroceutical; Healy

Yes, Frequency Medicine Is Real!

Yes, Frequency Medicine Is Here!

 And Your Optimal Timeline Is Waiting

What You Need To Know:

1, There is an Electroceutical Industry.

2, There are Advantages when experiencing Aligned Frequencies.

3, There are Disadvantages when experiencing MisAligned Frequencies.

4, There is a US FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device (Named The Healy) that could dynamically and uniquely align over 10,000,000 frequencies in anyone's bodies.

The Healy Devices have over 120 dynamic programs to choose from.

The Healy Resonance Edition operates with an app that my mother-in-law mastered after overcoming a few simple to fix, minor frustrations.

The Healy Resonance Edition analyzes auric (energy) fields, then provides Corresponding and Optimized Individualized MicroCurrent Frequencies (IMF) without the cost and complexity of other systems.

The Healy Technology was created to be easy to use and simple to administer after The Healy World App and Healy Advisor Analyze App are downloaded and set up properly within a cell phone or tablet.

Healy World offers 4 Editions to choose from: The Healy Gold Edition, The Healy Holistic Health Edition, The Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition and The Healy Resonance Edition. Oh, and they also have a Healy Watch.

And if you choose, there are also monthly subscription options (completely optional) to access expert medical knowledge. That way you don't need to figure out Frequency Medicine overnight; the future is simple = Remember.

Great, now that we are on the same page let's see how simple it can be to recalibrate and realign anyone's frequencies to optimal, in minutes;

Wherever they are...

In The World...

Albert Einstien; Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way; electroceutical; Healy

The time has come to stop imagining what it would be like to Effortlessly Optimize your Vibrations. The Affordable Healy Device is here and it's time to take action and actually experience simple frequency alignment on a daily basis. The Healy Device is here to support you, your family, friends, customers, clients, patience, colleagues, employees, students, mentees, team members, neighbors, parents, the elderly, the unemployed, the hurting, the frustrated, those in pain, etc.

Real Quick, chances are you've seen our Healy videos and are really, really, really ready to order your Healy Device Right Now. I get it, The Healy Technology instantly made sense to me and my wife so I know why you want to order your Healy ASAP.

Yep, we are rather pleased with the ROI of our Healy Resonance Device and are glad to have purchased The Healy Resonance Technology when we did.

Though before you purchase your Healy Device Today, real quick, watch these two quick videos about earning a Healy Resonance Device for FREE.

That's Right baby bird, we've got your back.

Video High Level Overviews:

1, With the purchase of a Healy Resonance Device a 2nd Healy Resonance Device can be earned within 30 days of purchase.

2, If one of your clients decides to purchase a Healy Gold Edition, a Healy Holistic Health Edition, or the Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition (all Great Options!) you'll want to see the videos, too.


Because they can earn a FREE Upgrade to their Healy Device. Healy Gold upgraded to Healy Holistic Health... Healy Holistic Health upgraded to Healy Holistic Health Plus... Healy Holistic Health Plus upgraded to a Healy Resonance Device.

#Trust, You'll want to know this information. 

Videos? I'm Ready To Order My Healy...

Watch These Two Quick Videos To Understand How To Earn a 2nd Healy Resonance Device For Free or How To Earn a Free Upgrade to Your Healy Gold Edition, Healy Holistic Health Edition or Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition Purchase

The future of Medicine Is here.

The Frequency Medicine Industry is launching right now.

Are you ready to help the Electroceutical Industry Expand?

Is The Healy Resonance Calling To You, Too?

If you're reading this I Believe you have the capabilities to share This Informational Page and your discoveries on The Healy Device with your network to Earn a 2nd Healy Resonance for Free using the Healy Fast Start Promotion.

We've found the Healy doesn't need to be sold.

People naturally want to buy it when they understand it.

And this video explains why I need your help ASAP.

The wave of people who are going to want to experience the Healy Resonance remotely via the Quantum Field and Healy's Quantum Sensor IS MASSIVE.

People just like you and me are interested and waiting to receive their Healy Aura Analysis pdf and their Healy Highest Benefit Analysis pdf TODAY.

Yes, there are a lot of people that simply want to experience Healy's optimizing energy effects before purchasing their own Healy Resonance Device ASAP...

Soooooo.... If you decide to purchase a Healy Resonance Device, this is your lucky day. Besides being a new owner of an amazing Healy Resonance Device, I'm also going to offer the overflow of leads to you and the rest of TeamMickelson to make the ROI of The Healy Resonance even sweeter!

It's time to Embrace The Law of Prosperity and The Law Of Compensation by receiving optimal and sharing optimal without expectations!

As I wish to free humanity from financial and medical burdens as quickly as possible, I am unable to see how I will be able to support all of those who are interested in experiencing Healy's optimizing effects by myself...

I require help and I'm looking for more amazing people who are ready to serve in a Big, Big way.


Would you like to help?

Watch This Video

It's going to be important to learn this stuff moving forward, K ;-)

If you choose to run with TeamMickelson, you have the choice to not only purchase a Healy Resonance Device with the focus of earning a 2nd Healy Resonance Edition for Free, using the Healy Fast Start Promotion, but also you could choose to learn a system and create more Soul Clients then you could handle, too.

That's right, when you purchase your Healy Device Today I'll teach you how to get all of your content on the 1st Page of Google and YouTube Instantaneously to generate tons of interested, future Healy Device Owners.


Yes it is, though it takes practice and I'm here to help you understand how to create content that ranks on Google and YouTube instantaneously to connect with your Soul Clients ASAP.

When you join TeamMickelson and purchase your Healy Device Today I'll give you a 1st page ranking system, too.

Are you're ready to run?

First, take a minute to purchase your Healy Resonance Device Today.

Second, start studying the content in the Healy Academy and make sure to take notes because if we're going to succeed together you'll want to start learning this stuff quickly as possible.

I recommend watching many videos at 1.5-3.0 x Speed.

Besides the expert videos and pdfs to learn from in the Healy Dashboard, make sure after you've purchased your Healy Resonance Device Today to also Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to learn even more about the ins and out of the Healy Business before your Healy Resonance Arrives in the mail.

Knowing the difference between what it takes to complete the Healy Fast Start Promotion and earn a Free Healy Upgrade or earn a 2nd Healy Resonance Device for Free could be valuable information moving forward.

I'm going to run with those that know these and other Healy Technology details and can help as many as possible understand the Healy Technology details, too.

Makes Sense?

Great! Let's Play!

It's a Great Day To Purchase Your New Healy Resonance and a great time to Join TeamMickelson!!!

And For those reading this that find it I'm-possible to purchase an Affordable Healy Gold Device Today ($500)...

Remember, The Healy Fast Start Promotional Videos also show how to earn a Free Healy Gold Device as a non purchasing Healy Member, which can later be upgraded to a Healy Holistic Health Edition, Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition, or The Healy Resonance Edition.

There are options for Everybody!

So if you're not going to purchase your Healy Device today, come and join TeamMickelson as a Free Healy Member anyway.

I'll show you how to get your hands on a Free Healy Gold Device, too.

There's nothing to lose.

I'm Ready To Order My Healy...

QUESTION: How I You Order My Healy Device Today?

ANSWER: Here's a Step-By-Step Video that will show you how to Order Your Healy Resonance Edition Device, Healy Holistic Healy Plus Edition Device, Healy Holistic Health Edition Device or Healy Gold Edition Device.

Ordering your new Healy Device Today is Super Simple.

Just make sure the Sponsor field on the first form is prefilled in with TeamMickelson (or a TeamMickelson team member's sponsor name) to Receive your Bonuses and Soul Client Attraction System.

Ordering your Healy Device is simple and only takes a few steps.

In a few minutes you can successfully order your Healy Resonance Device Today.

What are you waiting for?

The Healy Device is what you've been asking for.

The Healy is simple to use.

The Healy is affordable.

The Healy is easy to understand.

The Healy fits in the palm of your hand.

So order your Healy today and let your Frequency Alignment treatments begin!

Remember, Healy World USA offers a fourteen (14) day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

With the Healy Satisfaction Guarantee you'll have plenty of time to truly get to experience your Healy Resonance and know if Healy is right for you.

Eek, We couldn't imagine returning our Healy Resonance Device.

In fact, I'm so Stocked we received a 2nd Healy Resonance at no cost so we can have two going at once to help all of our family and friends...

There's so many people to help AND using the Healy IS such a great way to leverage the Law Of Compensation.

I'm Ready To Order My Healy...

Wanna Watch A Healy Testimonial Before You Purchase?

More Testimonials Coming Soon...

Ankle Injury, Sciatica, Back Pain, Sleepless Nights BE GONE!

Meet Sally, my Mother-In-Law. Sally was pretty skeptical and was unsure if the Healy was going to help her. Though, after she started sleeping through the nights and the morning, the chronic itch went away, her sciatica stopped bothering her AND a MAJOR Ankle Injury went away she decided that she Needed to Order a Healy Resonance ASAP.

Locked Shoulder BE GONE!

NancyJo was a Physical Education Teacher for grade school children and threw out her shoulder more than 20 years ago. With ONE treatment her pain was almost gone. In the second treatment not only was her pain gone, but she also regained the use of the shoulder that was locked for more than 20 years!!!

Hospitalized w/Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. and an estimated 3-6% of the world population... This Healy Fibromyalgia testimonial is truly amazing and something I wish more people knew about. Could you imagine going through what she did Without a Healy Device? Glad she finally has one!

Healy and Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain, Sciatica Pain, Head Aches... No matter what your pain is, Healy is an amazing option to utilize for pain. Yes, The Healy Device is a Class II medical that has been cleared by the U.S. FDA for local relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Who Are You Without Your Pain...?

Are You The Next Testimonial?

Would you Like to have a Healy Resonance testimonial of your own to drive Soul Clients to your Calendar?

Click This Link To Get On Our Calendar Calendar Link

    Why Become A Free Healy Member EVEN If You're Not Going To Purchase Your Healy Device Today?

Passionately Sharing the Reality of Optimized Frequencies Could Lead to an Optimized Life, Health and Wellness, Pain Reduction or Better, Improved Sleep, Enhanced Spiritual Exploration, Optimal Timeline Alignment, etc. for you and everyone you chat with.

The Healy Devices owners purchase because they experience and trust in the knowledge of energy, frequency and vibration... YES PLEASE!

Imagine connecting with Soul Clients who are seeking a Healy Resonance Today AND they just show up on our calendar, waiting to be helped...

Imagine following a divinely inspired approach that was Optimal Timeline focused and created by Inner Source Guidance.

Imagine, earning a Free Healy Gold Device using Healy's Fast Start Promotion.

Imagine upgrading your Your Healy Fast Start Promotion Healy Gold Device to a Healy Resonance Edition with your future commissions.

Imagine connecting with your Soul Clients easily and gracefully; even when you sleep.

Imagine sharing a page like this with your videos on it...?

Remember, You only need to connect 3 New Healy Holistic Health Plus Editions or Healy Resonance Devices to Future Purchasing Members to obtain a New Healy Gold Device when you don't make a purchase and solely choose to become a free Healy Member Today.

Yes, I can show you how I found more than 3 clients in the first 7 days, and gracefully surpassed Healy's Fast Start Promotion's minimum requirements*.

Trust, Simply Share the Healy opportunity with as many people as possible.

Share a few choice videos and your link.

Then follow up with your Healy Samplers to increase the probability of receiving a Free Healy device at no charge, the Healy Gold Edition!

Seriously... Imagine being shown how to Manifest a Healy Gold Device that can later be upgraded without pre-ordering a Healy Gold Device Today.

But why wait, The Healy Resonance is what you've been asking for... It's what my wife and I were asking (Co-Creating) to be placed in our Vortex.

Why not the Healy Resonance?

You could then align your Chakras, especially your Root Chakra if you know what I mean... Could you imagine what that would be like?


So Yes! Consider becoming a Healy Resonance Device Purchasing Member TODAY so you can have the possibility of Qualifying for a 2nd Healy Resonance Device FOR FREE while creating a possibility of creating an avenue to passive income and amazingly higher profits?!

...Calling All Self Leaders and Gaia Ascenders...

> 5D Time is now <


Oh, and make sure the Sponsor is prefilled as "TeamMickelson" in the first form.

Love Ya!

I look forward to meeting you soon...

I'm Ready To Order My Healy...

Oh, Before You Go!

Let's See What Our Newest Healy Resonance Owners Are Raving About...

Healy' worth the investment! I feel great!

Healy' worth the investment!

I feel great!

This morning I was blowing my nose and thought it was allergies instead of using Flonase I ran a scan in Materia Medica and Hayfever and Allegies popped up. I vibrated the solution and my nose stopped running and can feel my ears drying up! I am amazed by this device everyday!

Phillip G. - Happy Healy Resonance Owner

What Fibromyalgia ?

I have fibromyalgia and it’s day 4 of my Healy and no pain killers taken so far today. I did run 6 programs yesterday, 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 at night. The main programs were Release, Energy and Pure and the Deep Cycle First Application.

FYI, I’m out with my horses and it’s freezing normally I would be bed bound in winter...

Margaret K. - Happy Healy Resonance Owner

Healy Resonance Skeptic?

I've had my Healy Resonance for about 6 weeks and I'm in love with it.

I was skeptical on the whole remote healing side. Though, last night my friend said she had a terrible tooth ache and asked if I could run a remote scan on her. I ran a scan and the pain/psyche came up. I set the vibrations and my friend had a pain free evening!

Ebony B. - Happy Healy Resonance Owner

What Are The Difference In The Healy Devices?

Healy Gold? Healy Holistic Health? Healy Holistic Health Plus?

OR The Healy Resonance Device?

And Just In Case You Wanted To Know... Here's Everything That You Get with The Healy Gold Edition

(Plus Extra Bonuses When You Join TeamMickelson)

Many Programs to Choose From

Healy Device; The Healy Device; Where To Buy A Healy; How to Buy A Healy; Healy Testimonial; the healy gold edition; what's included with the healy gold device

$470 plus tax

Total Value: Limitless

Gold Standard of Frequencies? Yes Please!
  • Your transactions with Healy are 100% secured.

    Healy uses the best possible encryption method available.

  • Here's Everything That You Get with The Healy Holistic Health Edition

    (Plus Extra Bonuses When You Join TeamMickelson)

    Many More Programs to Choose From

    Healy Holistic Health Edition; Healy Holistic Health Edition; Healy Holistic Health Device; Healy Holistic Health Technology; Where to buy a Healy Holistic Health; how to buy a Healy Holistic Health; a Healy Holistic Health

    $942 plus tax

    Total Value: Beyond Limitless

    How Many Program Pages? Yes Please!
  • Your transactions with Healy are 100% secured.

    Healy uses the best possible encryption method available.

  • Here's Everything That You Get with The Healy Holistic Health PLUS Edition

    (Plus Extra Bonuses When You Join TeamMickelson)

    An Impressive Amount of Programs to Choose From

    Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition; Healy Holistic Health Plus Edition; Healy Holistic Health Plus Device; Healy Holistic Health Plus Technology; Where to buy a Healy Holistic Health; how to buy a Healy Holistic Health;

    $1413 plus tax

    Total Value: Limitless and a Day

    Plus, Plus, Plus In My Cart? Yes Please!
  • Your transactions with Healy are 100% secured.

    Healy uses the best possible encryption method available.

  • Here's Everything That You Get with THE HEALY RESONANCE

    (Plus Extra Bonuses When You Join TeamMickelson)

    The Most Programs to Choose From

    Includes Analysis AND Remote Treatment Capabilities

    Healy's Resonance Edition; Healy Resonance Edition; Healy Resonance Device; Healy Resonance Technology; Where to buy a Healy Resonance; how to buy a Healy Resonance; is a Healy Resonance worth it

    $2357 plus tax

    Total Value: Limitless Plus Infinity

    Remote Analysis AND Treatments? Yes Please!
  • Your transactions with Healy are 100% secured.

    Healy uses the best possible encryption method available.

  • Who's Using The Healy Device To Enhance Their Business Performance and Profits?

    Energy Workers

    Body Workers



    Fitness Professionals


    Moms & Dads





    And Many More...

      Not Ready To Purchase A Healy Today?

      That's Ok

      Here are Some Different Options ;-)

    Option #1: More Research

    Head on over to our YouTube Channel and Subscribe: Healy For Everyone 

    Watch hours and hours and hours of Healy Testimonials, Doctors and Practitioners Reviewing Healy, Healy Overviews, Healy Deep Dives, or Anything Else Healy... Just Click RIGHT HERE

    Option #2: Experience Healy Resonance First

    Yes, I know I'm in the Pacific Northwest.

    Yes, I know that we're not going to get to connect in person to connect you physically to my Healy Resonance Device.

    Yes, I know it might sound CRAZY that you could Actually experience the Healy Resonance Frequencies from wherever you are in the world...

    And usually the most skeptical people make the best referral sources, so if you're open to connecting I am, too.

    Just Click THIS LINK to obtain a time on my calendar to connect via Zoom ;-)

    Schedule Your Healy Resonance Experience NOW!

    Option #3: Keep Up To Date

    Yes, I get it... The Healy is new for you, you've probably never heard of Healy or thought about your vibration, frequency or thought much about energy besides Coffee, ligh bulbs or Energy Drinks.

    Though, we know Healy's Got You Intrigued and you'd like more info over time; just not all at once and not all today. 

    You're In Luck, just fill out this form to be added to our informative mailing list.

    We'll let you know what live events are happening near you, what amazing things are happening in the Electroceutical industry and share more information from Doctors and Physician around the world who are utilizing The Healy Device with their patience and observe what outcomes they're having.

    Option #4: Do Nothing

    Yep, we're not here to talk you into anything. In fact, we prefer talking people out of moving forward.

    That way it's not a sale, it's an educational, consultative and experiential process.

    If you're not convinced that we should chat, don't believe in any of this Quantum Physics mumbo jumbo B.S.

    That's Ok!

    We appreciate you stopping by and we hope that when you change your mind you'll come back to and purchase your Healy Device from us.

    Sounds Good?

    Great, it was nice meeting you and we look forward to reconnecting in the future!

    Oh, Here's A List of What Programs Are In Each Program Page So You Can Know More About What You're Purchasing

    Healy Program Pages; Healy Program Descriptions; What are Healy Program Pages; what programs are included with your healy; what is included with a healy gold Program Pages; Healy Program Descriptions; What are Healy Program Pages; what programs are included with your healy; what is included with a healy gold

    Before You Go, Get To Know The Founder of Healy

    Marcus Schmieke, born 1966, is the inventor and developer of the Healy™ and TimeWaver®* products.

    For many years Marcus had been thinking about how to let everyone benefit from the possibilities of the TimeWaver technology in a compact and simple way.

    What he had in mind was a device that everyone could use every day, something compact, simple and practical.

    A little companion that watches over our wellbeing and can help in an innovative way to prevent problems and support healing.

    Ready To Optimize Over 10,000,000 Frequencies?

    Seriously The Healy Resonance is what you've been waiting for.


    If it's not The Healy Device, then what?

    If you're not going to Order Your Healy Device Today, then when?

    If not you're not going to experience The Healy Resonance, then who?

    I'm Ready... It's Time To Order My Healy Device
  • Your transactions with Healy are 100% secured.

    Healy uses the best possible encryption method available.